30 Jun 2016
Lisa V

When you’ve got an important business event looming there are usually a lot of big decisions to be made. Where will the event be held? Who is going to be invited? What food is right for the guests? Should we consider buying or hiring furniture?

We can’t answer all of those questions for you, but we can certainly sing from the rooftops about the many commercial benefits of hiring furniture for your event.


Whether you need 50 or 500 chairs, we give you bags of choice. From folding chairs to interlocking conference chairs, we give you plenty of options for your event. The best bit is that our entire range is available to view online and we also have video to make your selection easier.

Experience & Dependability

Here at Manchester Furniture Hire we have years of experience and you can be sure we know what we are doing. From the moment you order your furniture to the moment we arrive to collect it, we are confident you will be delighted.

Great Prices Every Day

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry and we always have special offers and discounts available. We make it easier than ever to build a quote online, but if you need specific advice or have any questions you can always speak to a member of our friendly team.

No Need To Worry About Storage

The problem with purchasing furniture is that you still have to find storage between events. That can be difficult when space and storage is already at a premium and you’ll also have to move it around - a tall order when you have to cater for hundreds of guests! When you hire your furniture you just need to tell us when and where you want it and we’ll deliver. We’ll even roll up our sleeves and set everything up for you! It’s all part of our service.


Do you really have time to arrange transportation for your furniture? Can you spare the staff to move and set up furniture? Do you want to spend hours cleaning your furniture between events? We give you the ultimate in convenience by saving you from these tasks, perfect when you have more important things to focus on.

Health & Safety

We are very thorough in our quality and safety checks and ensure that every item of furniture we supply meets our strict criteria. We’re also trained in the proper handling of furniture and will ensure safe and professional delivery and setup.

Quality You Can Trust

The great thing about hiring is that you’ll get great quality furniture for a fraction of the purchase price. What would you rather do? Buy low budget and low quality furniture, or hire high quality and low budget furniture? It’s a no-brainer really, isn’t it? When everything hinges on the success of your event, can you really afford to choose anything less than the best?

Damages You Won’t Need To Replace

Let’s face it, accidents happen. If for some reason an item of our furniture gets damaged at your event, our insurance covers us for this eventuality.

The List Goes On And On And On…

If you’re still not convinced then take a look at our wide range of furniture, specifically chosen for the North of the country. Whether you are planning a seminar or a glitzy evening event, we have everything you need to ensure it’s a complete success. Keeping track of a budget whilst planning an event can be a challenge, but when you hire your furniture with us you’ll know exactly what you are paying and when. You also have total flexibility over your hire duration and there are absolutely no contracts! As you can see, hiring makes a lot of commercial sense and our team is on hand to give you even more benefits now. Why not give us a call?